Lamanna Gioielli Scopri il metodo Lamanna

The goldsmith art of Raffaella reaches the top, when she gives birth to pieces appositely created for the customer itself. Her creations are born, in the first place, from the direct contact with her own customer. By speaking with them, in fact, she catch the personality, taste, desire, and by melting together  her 30 years old technique, and her inexhaustible creativity, with the only constructive limit of the technical characteristic inborn in the used materials that can be of customer property, she makes an object, may it be a necklace, earring, ring, bracelet or anything else that become part of the person that will wear it.
Here it is that,  filigree, gold spirals, chiselled foils, diamonds, corals, pearls and natural stones become in the hands, but mainly in the head of Raffaella, tools to make unique objects that emanate unique and unrepeatable emotions and sensations, only when this is achieved she is satisfied.

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